Hypnotherapy helps chicken nugget diet teenager

As reported by the BBC, a teenager who lived on a diet of chicken nuggets, chips and white bread has found hypnotherapy has helped with her diet.
Hannah Pound, 16, has had a selective eating disorder since she was two years old which means she would only eat a limited number of white foods.
In February she had hypnotherapy and is now eating a more balanced diet.
She told the BBC she feels more positive about the future: “I can go anywhere and do anything and I feel like a new person.”

I have helped teenagers and children to overcome fears of tastes, textures and swallowing and to increase their desire to eat fruit & vegetables and to help them introduce new foods into their daily diets.

I offer a free initial consultation with no obligation if you wish to find out more.

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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

I treat many, many people with a huge variety of fears and phobias.  Hypnotherapy is wonderful for resolving these.  Recently I had a lady who had a huge fear of being in boats.  She was due to take a cruise which included going around the Bay of Biscay!  This is the email I received from on on her return:

“Coming back at the weekend we sailed from Gibraltar on Saturday and the Captain let us know we were heading for another storm in the Bay of Biscay! This time we had a severe storm force 11, which according to my navel cousin is quite hairy. In the middle of the night I did sit up and think that I was a bit scared, but I didn’t have any panics at all. We were in it for about 36 hours and it was still fairly bad coming up the channel on Monday night. So thank you, I’ve been through one of my worst nightmares and come out the other side. My husband was very proud of me!!”

I always offer a free initial consultation first in either my Exeter or Torquay Clinic, so please do contact me if you would like to explore help for your fear or phobia:

Penny Albertella – Clinical & Analytical Hypnotherapist



01803 859471


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Article about Hypnobirthing

I read this article recently and thought it summed up so beautifully the benefits of hypnobirthing by a Mum who was so impressed that she started teaching it herself in Herfordshire.  See the article below.

I designed my Hypnobirthing Programme to contain everything you need to learn how to hypnobirth.  It has full instructions, 5 MP3’s and full email support as you work your way through it.  3 of the MP3’s  are to use as you learn and the other two are for use during birth itself.

This is available via my website: http://baytherapy.co.uk/shop/shop.html at £29.99

The Article:

A mother-of-two who gave birth to her son with no pain relief thanks to hypnobirthing has become a practitioner so that she can share the phenomenon with other women.

 Emma, who lives in Gravel Path, Berkhamsted, first looked into the alternative birth education programme after she went through a ‘traumatic’ emergency caesarean with her first son Jack, now four.

The experience left her feeling anxious when expecting her second child Freddie, now two, and she also wanted her husband Chad to be more involved in welcoming their child into the world.

She said: “I remember going to pre-natal yoga classes and when the teacher started talking about the process of giving birth my whole body tensed up.

“I’d heard about the benefits of hypnobirthing so I decided to give it a try, and it helped release me from my fear.

“Under hypnosis you can reach the sub-conscious mind and release any negative thoughts or feelings about birth.”

Emma says hypnobirthing enables the woman in labour to ‘manage the sensations’ – otherwise known as contractions – and relax, which releases oxytocin and endorphins into the bloodstream – the body’s natural tranquilizer and painkiller.

She said: “When you are in pain you release adrenaline and all your muscles tense up. Your arteries constrict and the blood flow is directed to your arms and legs – away from the womb, where it is needed most.

“Giving birth is a natural process and when you trust your body to fuction as nature intended, you use less energy and bond with your baby.”

Fathers-to-be are fully included in the process by learning how to massage their partner, whereas Emma says that they can traditionally feel left out and distressed seeing the woman in pain.

Another method used is ‘breathing the baby out’, instead of the traditional pushing used to get baby to travel down the birth canal.

This gentle action causes less distress to the baby, and Emma says it’s quite common for the infants to be born without any screaming, crying or medical intervention.

Emma, a former property surveyor, said: “I’ve had two very different birth experiences; the first was excruciating and I felt like I couldn’t handle it.

“But with hypnobirthing, I felt euphoric. It was very empowering and I felt like I was in control the whole time.

“It was such a positive experience and I wanted to share it with other couples, or at least enable them to have the choice.”




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Wedding, exam, job interview, presentation, driving test nerves

i work with clients who have all sorts of nerves over situations such as wedding, driving test, interview, presentations and exam nerves.

it is amazing just how many people have such severe nerves about their wedding, particularly, saying their vows or the speeches. Nerves which make the run-up to the wedding almost unbearable and very likely to spoil the whole day, rather than it being a wonderful, memorable day for all the right reasons.

I had this feedback from a recent wedding nerves client:

“I just thought I’d drop you a quick email to let you know that the wedding was UNBELIEAVBLY FANTASTIC!!!! …I was pretty stressed out the week before but on the morning of the wedding, I was soooo calm & excited!! In fact the hair & makeup ladies (who didn’t know each other) each said to me that they’ve never been to such a chilled out & relaxed atmosphere!! My friends & family were also amazed at how calm I was.
We were so lucky with the weather too – It was sunny (it rained the day before & the day after!) so we got to have our wedding outside under the gazebo as we had dreamt of all along

I enjoyed EVERY second & said my vows clearly & confidently & all of that was, I’m sure, down to you so thank you SO much!!”

Penny Albertella




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Quit smoking with hypnotherapy – another testimonial

I had this lovely email from a recent client who needed to give up smoking for her health:

“I just wanted to write to give you an update on my progess on being a non-smoker since meeting with you.

Well, all I can say is THANK YOU!!!! I haven’t had a cigarette since seeing you. I do get the odd urge, but then a little voice in my head says “Why would you, you’re a non-smoker” and hey presto the urge goes!!

After having two heart attacks and being 43 years old, quitting smoking is essential to my long term health and thanks to you and your amazing talent I’m well on the road to recovery!!!u

Thank you so much once again! I have been singing your praises to all my smoker friends and am trying to get them all to convert.”


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Quit smoking testimonial

Helping people to become non-smokers is so rewarding. Hypnotherapy is probably, the easiest way to become a non-smoker (without reason, need or desire to smoke!). I had this email recently from another client:

“Thank you I am a non smoker for the first time in 25 years, x & y (my children) love it almost as much as I do!

On a couple of occasions when I would have routinely smoked i.e. after a meal or with alcohol I have thought “What is missing?” but not once have I had a desire to smoke, I simply wonder why on earth would I want to smoke? What possible benefit would I gain from smoking?

I can’t remember what it was like to be a smoker nor can I remember why I was a smoker – it is truly a revelation for me.

I went on a stag night less than a week after the treatment and I was amazed that I just didn’t want to smoke, the thought didn’t cross my mind.
I find it quite confusing when people speak to me about how tough it must be for me not to smoke because I can see no reason why I would want to want to smoke!

I have found I no longer cough in the mornings, my breathing was easier within days and on cycle rides I have noticed a definite improvement in performance.

Thank you again Penny for helping to free me from a horrible & dangerous habit.”

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Quit Smoking with help from Hypnotherapy

Could Hypnosis help you quit smoking?
This came from an article in The Daily Mail by CHARLOTTE HARDING. It certainly reflects the experience of my clients, I always offer a free initial consultation first to find out more about you and your smoking history. By the end of this I am able to tell if they are good candidates or not. There are various reasons why it might not work for someone – one key one being the real desire to be a non-smoker!

Tester’s name: Liz Stout
Age: 30
Profession: Beauty writer
How long a smoker?: 15 years
How many cigarettes smoked a day?: 15 to 20

How easy was it?: ‘The hypnosis was an entirely pleasureable experience and I was conscious throughout. I simply laid back in my chair and let myself drift off until I felt completely relaxed and comfortable. During the session, Annie asked me to imagine that one of my hands felt tingly and it did, which was an amazing sensation. Afterwards, Annie pointed out that if my mind could make my hand feel tingly at will, it could definitely steer me away from the deadly fags.’
Did it work?: ‘Yes! From the moment I said goodbye to Annie, I have never, at any point, craved a cigarette. Stopping has been easy, it’s quite astonishing. I’d tried to give up so many times before this and it had been a torturous experience, ultimately followed by a visit to the newsagents for a packet of 20.
‘I feel like I never smoked in the first place and although I don’t mind other people smoking around me, I sometimes feel I want to tell them how mad they are. I feel so much better – my skin is healthier and I have loads more energy. As part of the treatment, Annie also worked on my presumption that giving up would mean piling on the pounds. Since stopping five months ago, I have not gained any weight.’
Would you recommend it to others?: ‘Definitely. It has changed my life! However, I think it’s important to add that hypnotism doesn’t work for everyone. I do have friends who haven’t enjoyed the same success as me. But I think if you want to kick this horrible habit, anything is worth a try.’

Email for a free initial consultation:

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As more and more new parents are sharing their experience of the amazing benefits and incredible power of hypnobirthing, interest in the practice and awareness of it as a real option for expectant mothers is growing. Despite this, too many people are still unaware of what hypnobirthing is and the extraordinary benefits it can have for the birthing process. As a result, many expectant parents are sceptical when they first hear about hypnobirthing, but it is a British Medical Association recognised medical tool and amazes people with the hugely beneficial results when they try it for themselves.

So what is hypnobirthing? By using a series of easy to learn breathing techniques and relaxation techniques you can hypnotise yourself into a completely natural state of relaxed concentration. In this state you will always be aware of what is happening around you, never in any sort of unconscious trance or sleep. Instead, the hypnotic state will allow you to be completely at ease and totally in control of your body. In learning how to achieve this state you will learn how to:

– Numb your body so that you feel only movement-based pressure during childbirth, no pain.
– Use different types of breathing techniques to relax and to work with your body during contractions and giving birth
– Limit your need for potentially dangerous medications.
– How to relax and stay calm and in control of the process.
– Relieve fears and anxiety about the childbirth process.
– Take confidence in your ability to deal with medical staff, knowing your body and knowing when to ask questions, which questions to ask and most importantly, when to trust your midwife take control.

Hypnobirthing is an easy and effective way to ensure your childbirth is as natural, safe and comfortable. What’s more, the techniques you learn to aid in the birthing process can be used to help you relax and deal with pain and anxiety in any part of life. To learn more about hypnobirthing or hypnotherapy in Exeter, and how it can benefit you, get in touch with Penny (penny@baytherapy.co.uk) at Bay Therapy today, she will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

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What is Analytical Hypnotherapy?

Any personal issues you may be experiencing are the result of a root cause, Analytical hypnotherapy is dedicated to finding and releasing that cause, which will alleviate your symptoms in the long-term. It is used where other methods of psychotherapy or hypnotherapy have not fully resolved things and symptoms have returned or been replaced by others.

When practiced by a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, the effective techniques of guided relaxation allow you to focus your mind to more clearly, and quickly, remove the root cause of any issues you may be experiencing.

Where the techniques of discussion practiced in psychotherapy can be successful in identifying and dealing with these fundamental reasons for your concerns, this can sometimes take years of time with your therapist. The focus provided by analytical hypnotherapy can take just three months or so to achieve resolution and relief from symptoms.

Analytical hypnotherapy provides a more effective long-term solution than alternative techniques. For example, cognitive behavioural therapies or suggestion therapies can aid you in feeling a lot better in the shorter term.  However, for deeper rooted issues,  Analytical therapy technique helps to resolve your problems and have a lasting release from them, rather than simply managing them.

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, given how frequently it is associated with the various caricatures of hypnosis in film and television, depicting it as a form of brain washing mind-control, or being used to force embarrassing behaviour in unwitting subjects.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a safe, non-invasive and clinical practice, carried out by a certified mental health professional, who uses techniques of guided relaxation to help you reach a heightened state of awareness, in which they can aid you in more effectively considering and combatting a vast array of issues. Hypnotherapy provides a method of dealing with any issues you may have in a way that avoids potentially damaging medicine based approaches or invasive procedures, and is an effective and complimentary tool for psychotherapy in general.

At Bay Therapy, Penny is qualified in both clinical hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis, allowing her to attend to a much wider range of your therapy needs. If you feel the need for help in dealing with behavioural problems like quitting smoking, losing weight or overcoming panic attacks (to mention a few), then clinical hypnotherapy can prove hugely successful in helping you achieve your goals with long-term positive results.

It is especially beneficial as an alternative to short-term coping mechanisms like nicotine patches, fast diets or diazepam, all of which can have detrimental health effects.

Hypnoanalysis, on the other hand, uses your calm, clear, heightened state to determine the root causes of any difficulties or symptoms you may be experiencing. This can often be a much more effective, and less time consuming, route to understanding your situation and helping you improve than conventional psychotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and healthy treatment option, proven to be an effective method of dealing with difficulties ranging from phobias and fears, to sleeping disorders and behavioural issues, and more serious conditions like depression, grief, deep stress and social or trauma-related anxiety.

Here at Bay Therapy, Penny is available to provide free initial consultations to evaluate your needs, and ease your mind by answering any questions or concerns you may have about the process. If you would like to book a consultation, or ask any questions to learn more about hypnotherapy and how it can benefit you, email Penny (penny@baytherapy.co.uk) or call the office (01392 420740 or 01803 859471) as she is happy to answer any of your questions.

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